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Online Parish Council

Eastoft Parish Council has now a online presence

A new website provides information on the activities of the Parish Council, including agendas and minutes of meetings, annual reports, financial information and contact details for the councillors and clerk.

Eastoft Parish Council is an independent local authority served by eight Parish Councillors many of whom are long serving members of the council.

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AT 7.30pm in Eastoft Village Hall



REFERENCE PA/2014/1289

Planning permission to vary condition 3 of PA/2006/1601 dated 10/011/2007 to allow access to the kennels from 6am to 7pm, unlimited times thereafter in accordance with the submitted details.

San Wood Whins Gate Eastoft

Miss Lisa Stephenson


REFERENCE PA/2015/0021

Planning permission to erect one detached chalet house

Land R/O Broadford House High Street Eastoft

Mr and Mrs Shaun Chapman


Mrs N Ingleton

Clerk to the Council
01724 712553

Proposed Childrens Home

Dear Village Resident

This Parish Council wish to advise you that a home for vulnerable children is now operating in the village. The property was a residential property and they now have concerns over the siting of this children’s home centrally in the village, within close proximity to the school and a busy main road.

The Cambian Group Plc purchased The Shires, The Old Moorings in Eastoft in April of this year and have now applied for a lawful development certificate for a proposed children’s home. Details can be found on the North Lincolnshire Council website under application number PA/2014/1071.    where comments can be left on the application. An article appeared in the Epworth Bells last Thursday saying “that the home will cater for four youngsters aged between 12 and 18 years of age”.

A meeting was held on Monday 20 October 2014 at 7.30 in the village hall where the manager of the home was invited to attend but apologised due to late notice of the meeting. Our two ward Councillors John Briggs and Trevor Barker were in attendance together with PC Dean Southam and PCSO Paul Fearon. After a full discussion the two Ward Councillors invited anyone to email, or ring them, with their concerns about this home, it will not house children from the North Lincolnshire area. You can also address any letters to me for forwarding to North Lincolnshire Council or deliver them to any parish councillor in the village.

The relevant details are

Cllr John Briggs            01724 297519
Cllr Trevor Barker       01724 710616
PC Dean Southam

Yours sincerely

Mrs Nichola Ingleton
Clerk to the Council