Village Liaison Event

This is a very informal meet and mingle event and It’s your chance to put a face to names and get to know what is available to you as a resident .



There are lots of community and social groups that meet within the village of Eastoft.

Whether you attend a village event or not decisions and proposals happen within the community.

There are so many ways to get involved within Eastoft,  you are sure to find something that works for you.

Saturday 27th January 2018
2pm till 3pm

Eastoft Village Hall

A representative will be available to answer any questions .

Groups attending so far.

Eastoft Parish Council – Web Page
Eastoft Gardening Club – Web Page
Eastoft Church of England Primary School – Web Page
Eastoft Community Welfare Association – Web Page
The River Don Tavern – Web Page
The Church and Marshlands Benefice – Web Page
Eastoft Broadband Extension Group – Web Page
Hall Farm Eastoft – Web Page

Anybody is welcome to promote their cause within the village ,  just turn up !

Look forward to seeing you.

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Eastoft Broadband Extension Update

Eastoft Broadband Extension Update

We have now submitted the bid with the assistance of Councillor Reed to SSE for funding towards the Full Fibre,

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) installation.

Thanks to you all who have responded with your letters of support.
However, if there are any of you that have not yet & would like to write a letter of support then we would be pleased to receive them as soon as possible.

We would require them by no later than the 11th January as they need to be submitted to the SSE Case Officer at least 7 days before the panel meet on the 22nd January.

You don’t have to write a story but we need as many as possible from residents (as well as businesses ) even if just to say we will probably have the service.

Finally, we are looking to organise a Q & A session in the near future probably latish on a Sunday morning for around an hour at the Village Hall where you can ask us that burning question you want answering?

No matter how simple that question may be.
We are looking at the 28th January, 11 o’clock till 12 o’clock with tea and coffee available after (or you could adjourn to the pub 😊 ).


Tony Woodhouse

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Church Services – January 2018


The Marshland Benefice is a team of churches working together.
You are welcome to come to services in any of our churches.

Church and Chapel Contacts

Priest in charge: Revd Justine Smith 01405 704626

Please contact Justine for baptism, wedding and funeral enquiries.

Adlingfleet: Dave Hanney 07932 868047

Eastoft: Trevor Barker 01724 710616; Ian Bishop 01724 798756

Swinefleet: Revd Justine Smith 01405 704626

Whitgift: Jill Rudd 01405 704325; Miriam Drayton 01405 704240

Methodist Church: Revd Peter Barnett 01405 896701

The Marshland Benefice

All Saints ADLINGFLEET; St Bartholomew EASTOFT
St Margaret SWINEFLEET; St Mary Magdalene WHITGIFT
Part of the King’s Causeway Mission Partnership
in the Snaith and Hatfield Deanery

Diocese of Sheffield

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A161 Old Goole to Eastoft

A161 Old Goole to Eastoft Major Carriageway Improvements

A161 Old Goole to Eastoft Major Carriageway Improvements Resurfacing works are due to commence on 8th January 2018 on sections of the A161 between South Park Road junction and Adlingfleet Grange, with minor preparatory works in Swinefleet village taking place in advance of this. The -work will be carried out by East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Streetscene Services and is expected to take about 8 weeks in total to complete (weather permitting). Resurfacing will be carried out in 4 phases as follows –

Phase 1 – Warpingdrain Bridge to Swinefleet mini roundabout/Church Street.

Commencing Monday 8th January with a base layer west of Fisk Road with the road open to traffic but under convoy control until Friday 12th January.

A road closure is then required for the following 2 weeks commencing
Monday 15th January until Friday 26th January
where the road is narrower in the village section and for the laying of surface courses, this will operate Monday to Friday 09:30hrs to 15:30hrs.
The road will be open outside these hours to allow the passage of commuter and school traffic.

Note night time closures and working have been considered but the levels of unavoidable noise generated by the works would be unacceptable in this residential length. Signs will be erected 2 weeks prior to the closure to give advanced warning to the road users.

Phases 2, 3 and 4 in the following order;
  • Phase 2 – South Park Road to Earnshaws Drain Bridge around 1 week duration
  • Phase 3 – 1.6 Km length west of and including Ousefleet Cottages Bend around 2 weeks duration
  •  Phase 4 – Re-kerbing inside of bend at Adlingfleet Grange around 1 week duration

Roads widths on these 3 phases allow safe working with the road open under traffic signals and with vehicles following a convoy vehicle through the working area at 10mph maximum; working hours 07.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday.

It is accepted that Phase 1 works will cause major disruption to residents and businesses particularly to those in the Swinefleet area and we would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused; however the above working arrangements are thought to be the best compromise available to construct the works quickly, safely, without disruption to sleep and at reasonable cost.

There will also be a long term benefit for the Village as the road will be surfaced with an extremely quiet and skid resistant road surface similar to that at the recently resurfaced A614 at Howden.

Officers will be exhibiting further details of the works at Swinefleet Village Hall on Tuesday 12th December at 6pm to 7.30pm and all affected are invited to attend.

Further updates may be given as the scheme progresses but please don’t hesitate to contact  should you have any queries, require further information, or have any special or specific access requirements.

Whilst the works are underway on site Mick Norville (Site Manager) Tel. 01482 393939

Other enquiries before or after the works take place Dave Berry (Project Manager) Tel. 01482 393939

e-mail :


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Eastoft Broadband Extension

Further to the meeting yesterday 27/11/2017 with North Lincs Council representatives we would like to bring you up to date on where we are at present.

The Meeting

The committee have indicated a preference for FTTP and also whether the remainder of the village could be upgraded also. Conformation of costing for both FTTC and FTTP have been requested from Openreach to provide either type; there will be a requirement for match funding. Match funding is basically a percentage of the overall costs we would need to provide.

One way would be to introduce a crowd funding option and the committee consider this to be an appropriate method to indicate our intentions to such companies as SSE etc.
We are aware of the extremely poor broadband service in the village and anyone wishing for further details or to provide support please contact me or the secretary.

Me: Phone 07710502125 Tony Woodhouse
Secretary: Phone 07419836086 Geoff Moore

Techy bit explained

FTTC: uses a fibre optic system to the cabinet (the green thing on the High Street) and then uses the old copper cables to reach premises. This impacts on the service to provide a consistent speed and its problems regarding reliability.

FTTP: uses a fibre optic cable to deliver the service from exchange to the property. This negates all service issues when compared to the above FTTC. In other words everything will be new and no longer rely on any of the existing cabling. Bringing the village (and possibly the whole village) into the 21st century.

To meet the grant qualification, we will need to enter our expression of interest/bid before the end of the year. Therefore, any business’s in the area wishing to contribute please contact the above with some urgency. However, should you be aware of any funding streams please don’t hesitate to let us know.

We will attempt to keep you informed and updated with any relevant progress and information.

Tony Woodhouse
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