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North Lincolnshire Libraries have launched BorrowBox, a new free e-book and e-audio service available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The service can be accessed at the BorrowBox page , but also through the BorrowBox app, which is available to download from the App Store and Google Play store.

You can access BorrowBox from your mobile phone, tablet and laptop.

The BorrowBox service is accessed using your library card and pin number

New library cards can be issued via the North Lincolnshire Libraries Team who can be contacted on


Sewage Applications

Planning – Application Summary


Closing date for objections 17th April 2020


20/00883/CM | Change of use of land and buildings to a recycling facility including erection of tanks and containment bays for biosolids treatment, waste treatment and waste storage facility with the final product used as soil improvers and fertiliser replacement

(Resubmission of 18/03711/CM) | Peat Works Reading Gate Swinefleet East Riding Of Yorkshire DN14 8DT

Planning Applications (5)


Closing date for objections 17th April 2020


4R Using Lockdown Tactic

Absolutely brilliant letter from our MP to 4R

Dear Mr Whyatt,

I am frankly disgusted that you are seeking to use a virus that is likely to kill thousands to sneak this application in. This is at a time when you know the overwhelming majority of local people do not want your operation anywhere near them. People are rightly very stressed and anxious at this time and I am appalled that you wish to add to the stress local people are feeling at the moment by bringing back your plans to bring truck loads of shit through our villages. You must also know that people who oppose you are now going to be at a huge disadvantage by not being able to organise their opposition to this due to the new conditions on daily life. It is as if you are seeking to use this pandemic to your own personal advantage.

My message to you on behalf of local people is this. Go away, we do not want you in our area. You should have got that message loud and clear from local people. Go away and find somewhere else for your operation. The community do not want you here.

If you haven’t got that message by now I don’t know when you will.

You should not be pursuing this at this time and I share the outrage of local people that you have picked this time to try to progress this application. It must be one of the lowest actions I have ever experienced in 20 years in public life.

Andrew Percy


New Sewage Works FAQ

The Old Peat Works

Frequently Asked Questions For the proposed treatment and storage of wastes destined for use as soil improvers and fertilisers 24 th September 2018

Compiled by:
Mr Paul Whyatt, Technical Director 4R Group
Dr Becky Wheeler, Director, Head of Consultancy 4R Group

4R Group Control House
A1 Business Park
Knottingley Road
Knottingley WF11 0BU
Tel: 0800 012 1769

Company registered as 4Recycling Limited no. 5747690



Keep Me Rural

Keep Me Rural

This group has been set up to ensure everyone is aware of the potential threat of a proposed waste hub in Swinefleet, Crowle, Eastoft & surrounding villages at the Old Peatworks .

An entity called 4R propose to transport in and process human sewage, creating immense carbon footprint given it is coming from hundreds of miles.

There is no local demand for this highly controversial, toxic & failed waste produce.

Planning has been declined and 4R have lost an appeal on very narrow grounds, hence we must remain vigilant.

Closing date for objections 17th April 2020

No Post Office

Hi everybody. Just to confirm that the Outreach Post Office will not be continuing for the foreseeable future. A note has been put on the Village Hall door. We have not requested this as a village hall committee but is a consequence of the people running it.

However we understand that this may well cause issues for folk requiring services from the Post Office. Please can you all look out for those in need in the village and put out a plea for help if you cannot manage yourself.

We all need to be in this together at this time but also understand that for some doing anything will be impossible because of their own needs. Do not worry we understand that but where help can be had let’s pull together and get through this.

Tony (on behalf of the village hall people)

Brown Bin Collection Suspended

North Lincolnshire Council will continue to collect household waste. However, from today, Tuesday 24 March until further notice the brown bin collection service will be suspended in order to concentrate on core services and protect the vulnerable.

Please do not put your brown bin out for collection. Bin collections dates can be found at the bins, waste and recycling page on the North Lincolnshire Council website.

Residents are urged not to take the contents of their brown bin to Household Recycling Centres (tips) but to compost them at home. More information about this is on the home composting page on the North Lincolnshire Council website.

In recent days there has been a significant increase in the number of residents visiting Household Recycling Centres.

North Lincolnshire Council are working hard to maintain current site operating hours and waste logistics operations to ensure the sites continue to have enough capacity to receive waste.

This may be compromised if the demand for this service continues at the current rate.

Residents are urged to use the sites only in exceptional circumstances, for example where they have excess general household waste to dispose of.

The council are also asking that residents who must visit the sites observe social distancing rules and remember that Government guidelines are that everyone stay at home unless their journey is essential.