Where’s Rudi ?

Hello, my name is Rudi & I am a small wooden deer.
Santa thought it would be a lovely idea if I made Eastoft my home.

So Ì could bring to you some festive spirit & cheer.
Throughout your village day & night I will roam.

Around the village from the playground to the green
Under the bushes, in gardens or even by the boat
Will I ever be found or will I be seen
Lights you may see around my coat

It would be awful if nobody could find me,
And I would be so lonely & cold.
So please do your best I plea
So your story can be told

Great to be seen & better to be found
If not you may hear a small wooden deer cry
So if you can, just donate one small £1
Flowers for the village your donation will buy

I will arrive on Friday the 1st of December
So don’t forget to look out for me while you are walking
A small wooden deer called Rudi, please do remember


I will be listening out for you all whilst you are talking
I will depart on the eve of the New Year
I hope in finding me you have lots of fun
And to you all in December I hope to bring Christmas cheer
And with new flowers in the New Year my job will be done.

Thank you

Merry Christmas everyone from Rudi

If you find me

Then please place me somewhere else not too difficult to find.
If those who find me could donate a £1, then this will go towards the
Eastoft Gardening Club in purchasing more plants & flowers which will
hope to make your village a prettier place in 2018.

Why not take a photo with who finds me & post it on Eastoft Facebook page
See the places I visit during December

Donations of a £1 can be placed through the letter boxes of the following addresses.
Emma Thompson – 5 Washinghall Lane
Brenda Gleadle – 13 Donville Road
Lorna Whiteley – The Cottage, High Street
Ann Moore – 2 Cherry Tree Villas, Crowle Road

Or your donations can be passed to the above members of Eastoft Gardening Club.

Thank you to all who participate in bringing some fun to the village at the festive time.
& thank you for all your support throughout the year.

From the members & committee of Eastoft Gardening Club