Good, very good news.

We have received a donation of £1000 towards the supply of FTTP to our part of the village via the CFP. This donation has come from a person who wishes to remain anonymous but has given permission to reveal that they live in the part of the village already served by FTTC. WE have thanked them profusely on behalf of the committee and the residents of Eastoft.

There may well be further news on this at a later date; keep on looking.

EBE Committee.

Community Champions

Do you have a Lincolnshire Co op dividend card?

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as your help could make a massive difference to our village!

We (ECWA) have applied to be a Co op Local Community Champion so that we can upgrade the heaters at the Eastoft village hall to make it warmer building suitable for all ages of the community. Being a Community Champion means that when shoppers at the Crowle store purchase plastic carrier bags the 5p cost will go to ECWA .

But we need your vote to make this happen!!

Please go to

enter your dividend card number

and then click on ECWA.

It’s that simple.

If you have any questions about our project then please do contact ECWA on and one of the team will reply to you.



MEETING held at Eastoft Village hall 6th March

Many thanks to all those who turned out for an extremely interactive & encouraging meeting last night at the village hall.

Also a big thanks to Cllr Reed for attending & her responses to the many questions posed.

It was disappointing that no member of the Parish Council attended other than Sandra Taylor who is on the EBE committee. With such an important topic one might have thought there would have been an interest shown from one or two who sit on the Parish council, alas this was not to be the case. This will be brought to the attention of the Parish Council, as an agenda point on Monday 12th March meeting.

The meeting was held on behalf of the village to ascertain what the residents views were on the Superfast Broadband options, & what actions the committee could take forward on their behalf.

After many questions wereanswered, mostly around funding, those attending seemed very clear in their conclusions that they would prefer FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) rather than the FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) option, which would leave in excess of 18 residents without some or any improvement in their broadband speed & reliability.

The vote was quite unanimous, with 18 out of 20 attending voting for FTTP. We also know of other residents who have shown interest who could not come for personal reasons.

However, this then begs the question of how to raise the funds for such a project, with a figure in excess of £50,000 needing to be raised.

Cllr Reed expressed the avenues she had already explored, though to date without any positive outcomes. However it was suggested from the floor that we should be able to go back to SSE, & ask the panel who preside over the projects, to consider the bid again, & that we should be able to ask for £30k. Though previously we have been told, this would only be for FTTC. A suitable case is to be presented at the next round of meetings in late April. There is also an additional SSE fund for North Lincs of £170k per annum, which has not supported the Isle much over the past few years, so that is another possible source. There was talk about turning the Hall into an Internet Café, where there may be an option to apply to Awards for All. Also another couple of wind farms adjacent to the area can be contacted.

One of the funding options is to support Lincs Lotto, for every £1 spent, 50p would be donated to the cause. ( Of course there is also the chance of winning a nice monetary prize each week. As we have already registered for Lincslotto just go to their web site & search for Eastoft Broadband. Plus if any residents have any fund raising ideas please let us know, as the more active we are, the more favourable the project will be received.

Those attending last night completed a short questionnaire, asking about their current broadband experience & speed. This questionnaire will be placed online & anyone wishing to add their information will be appreciated. If you let us know your e mail address too we will add you to the directory for future communications.

COMMITTEE Vacancies – we have a committee of 4 persons currently, with one having to stand down owing to personal reasons. This gives us 2 posts vacant for anyone who wishes to offer their time & energy to the project. The committee meet generally on a monthly basis or as & when required. Also meeting with Cllrs & North Lincs from time to time, so it isn’t a great commitment of time, but it would be beneficial to have a full committee to share the tasks that lay ahead.

A final thank you again to all those who voiced their opinions last night, of which there were many, & so encouraging & positive were the outcomes.

EBE Committee

Broadband Meeting

Rescheduled due to Snow

7pm Tuesday March 6th 2018

Further to the meeting on 7th Feb 2018 with Cllr’s Briggs & Reed & Sean Brennan representing N Lincs Council.

Sam Scott the SSE Case Officer for N Lincs Council had accepted the invitation though was unable to attend.

The meeting held was to review the outcome of the bid where the request for FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) was rejected. These reasons have been posted on the Eastoft Community page, however if you have not seen them or do not have access they are as follows:-

  • The panel did not feel that the project met the objectives of the fund.
  • The request for FTTP would involve the area receiving speeds higher than the rest of North Axholme, which would set a precedent for other areas (even those who already receive superfast FTTC) to apply.
  • The panel does not feel that fibre installation, particularly FTTP, is an effective distribution of the funds in regards to befitting the North Axholme Community.

At the meeting EBE were informed that SSE would not fund FTTP, & were recommended to go down the FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) route.

It was suggested a further bid should be proposed at the April meeting. Though this request for FTTC is not guaranteed either as extra funding is likely to be required for whichever route we could have taken.

As EBE act on behalf of the village of Eastoft, the committee felt that it would be appropriate to invite all residents to attend a meeting at the village hall on

7pm Tuesday March 6th 2018

This would allow the residents to give their views on the current situation, & ensure EBE are acting on their preference of choice.

At the initial drop in session 59 residents attended, & it would be most helpful to see a similar number again. This would really ensure that EBE were acting on behalf of those interested in a faster & a more reliable Broadband service in the village.

It would be extremely helpful if you could confirm your attendance by contacting the EBE secretary by either method below.

Geoff Moore –
mob 07419 836086

The more present the more likely we will be able to ask someone from N Lincs council to attend.
Refreshments will be available on the evening, we hope you can make it & look forward to seeing you.


Church Services Dates

Church Services – March 2018
The Marshland Benefice is a team of churches working together.
You are welcome to come to services in any of our churches.

Dates for your diary!

More details nearer the time – hope to see you there!

  • 10th March 7pm: Over 100 years of Women & the Saxophone: Concert at All Saints Adlingfleet.
  • 11th March 11am: Family Service for Mothering Sunday at Eastoft with the church open until 3pm. 
  • 18th – 24th March: St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, Exhibition at Fishlake Church 10am-5pm daily.
  • 24th April afternoon: Visit to Sheffield Cathedral with welcome by the Bishop, refreshments and evensong.
  • 28th April 7pm: Film Night at Whitgift, featuring Bygone Bikers & Spellbound in the East Riding of Yorks.
  • 29th April 11am: Dave Sample from Mission Trinity at the United Benefice Service, St Margaret Swinefleet.
  • 29th April 7pm: talk by interim minister Rev Harry Steel about pioneering work in the Sheffield Diocese
  • 13th May 11.30am – 4pm Whitgift Spring Fair.
  • 7th June evening: Inspirational Methodist minister Sue Pegg speaking on “Doing Church Inside out”
  • 10th June 11am: Family service at Hallmark farm’s open day in Eastoft
  • 30th June afternoon: Whitgift Garden Party 
  • 21st July 7pm: Concert by the Brayburn Singers at Whitgift
  • 29th July 11am: United Benefice service led by the Archdeacon of Doncaster Steve Wilcockson.
  • 1st December: Come and Sing  Messiah with Seasonal Music at Eastoft: 2pm rehearsal, 7pm performance

Church and Chapel Contacts
Priest in charge: Revd Justine Smith 01405 704626
Please contact Justine for baptism, wedding and funeral enquiries.

Adlingfleet: Dave Hanney 07932 868047

Eastoft: Trevor Barker 01724 710616; Ian Bishop 01724 798756
Swinefleet: Revd Justine Smith 01405 704626
Whitgift: Jill Rudd 01405 704325; Miriam Drayton 01405 704240

Methodist Church: Revd Peter Barnett 01405 896701