Local Election Results

Axholme North Full Results 

Iain Booth (UKIP) – 491
John Briggs (Local Conservatives) – 1347
Justine Green (Labour Party) – 392
Robbie Pender (Labour Party) – 590
Julie Reed (Local Conservatives) – 1316
Sue Wilsea (Green Party) – 205.

Councillors John Briggs and Julie Reed will once again be representing Axholme North.

Environmental Permit Application

We are currently consulting on an Environmental Permit application from 4Recycling Ltd, also known as 4R Group for an organic waste recycling plant at The Old Peat Works, Reading Gate, Swinefleet, DN17 4BL. The application number is EPR/GB3202XN/A001.

We have begun our assessment and opened a public consultation on the application on 22 March 2019. This consultation period will run until the 8thMay.  Attached is a newsletter which provides more detail on our role, the consultation process, and how to submit your comments to us about the application.  We would like this to reach as many people as possible in the local area, so that they may submit their views on the proposal, therefore please pass on this newsletter to anyone you may feel would benefit.

We hope you find this informative, and look forward to hearing your views during the remainder of the consultation period.

Kind regards

Donna Easter
Engagement Specialist
Environment Agency
Yorkshire Area

Village Hall Project

We’re proud to support projects in your
local rural community.

It’s all about your community and your project. For the past two years, our Rural Community Fund winners have created remarkable projects that have improved the lives of their local community.


A community with no limits.

Whatever your community requires (from bus shelters to showers, from armchairs to adventure playgrounds) we’re here to help you make an impact.

This year, project applicants also have the option to raise additional funds through Crowdfunder – with an element of match funding too!

It’s time to get applying. We look forward to hearing what your community has in store.

Project description

Describe your project
To install electronic equipment for the hard of hearing (loop system) and to install computer(s) and a broadband connection to enable a coffee morning to be established where those in need of help can be assisted with the internet such as the elderly and those who cannot afford an internet connection.

How will your project benefit your local community?
We expect that as we as a group put on and support others to use the hall for fund raising etc. we need to take into account disabilities such as deafness. We also want to enable times when people can just gather for a coffee (and maybe cakes) and be able to be assisted to use the internet for paying bills or searching for something and have little experience of doing so. Also to enable the unemployed to access Universal Credit etc. which is becoming more online and other avenues such as libraries are closing. The Hall has recently been repainted and the next project will be an upgrade of the heating which will also use the broadband connection.

Please give details of any support you have from your local community
We have great support from our community whenever functions such as quiz’s etc, are put on (last one was attended by approx 50 residents of all ages (and at least 2 deaf people). We also allow other groups to use the Hall free of charge occasionally to support them. At other times the Hall is used by residents for private functions and we try to supply all their needs.

How many people will benefit from your project?
The village hall is maintained for the use of the whole village 431 (2011 census) . Also others when hall is used by outside but local groups.

Tell us what you intend to spend the money on.
A loop system for the deaf which also needs at least one lapel microphone to link in to the existing PA system. At least one laptop computer to be supported by a broadband installation and 1 years rental of broadband and line.

When and why was your project founded?
The project was founded in 1975 to rescue the hall from being lost to the village as a community asset. The hall was falling into disrepair and Eastoft Community Welfare Association was formed to rescue it and bring it back to life.