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Who are 4R-Group

4R Group brings together the expertise of two operating divisions to offer clients a unique approach to waste recycling and environmental consultancy.




Eastoft Community Welfare Association

A.G.M Minutes

1st August 2017 – 31st July 2018

Chairperson’s Report

This year has been one of consolidation as can be seen from the following Secretary’s Report.

However none of what has been achieved could have been done without the support and commitment of the members of E.C.W.A Committee, all of whom give their time on a voluntary basis.

This year we have lost, Nikki Walker from the Committee whose artistic skills were greatly appreciated.

However this year we have also welcomed on board 2 new members: Sharon Blomfield and Tony Woodhouse. Tony is also a councillor on Eastoft Parish Council and is therefore their representative on E.C.W.A.

The E.C.W.A constitution requires representation from all local groups within the village so that all can have a say in how the village hall and playground are maintained, developed and in the activities that they offer for the local community.

The current members of E.C.W.A are:

Sharon Blomfield
Trevor Brown (Trustee)
William Castledine
Brenda Gleadle
Marion Martin (Trustee, Secretary, Treasurer)
Peter Martin (Chair, Trustee)
Mick Walsh (Trustee)
Tony Woodhouse

We have also been very fortunate over this past year to have the behind scenes support of our ex- Treasurer Tracy Hall, whilst we have gone through a period of transition with the Treasurer role.

As we look forward to another year, we welcome interest from more residents in becoming involved in the hall and playground and in developing the activities that are available in Eastoft.

Secretary’s Report


Members of E.C.W.A have organised and participated in a Music Night and a Music Quiz Night during Autumn 2017 and a General Knowledge Quiz Night during Summer 2018.

At each event there has been an average turnout of approximately 30 people both village residents and visitors. Local businesses have also been extremely generous in donating prizes for the raffles held during these evenings. Feedback from those who have attended has been very positive with requests for further future events.

Eastoft Village Hall Hire

Over the past year, the hall has been hired by the following:

Post Office Outreach Service (weekly every Tuesday morning),

Private hire (fortnightly on a Tuesday however this group has now ceased due to relocation of the group facilitator)

Gardening Club (monthly on every second Wednesday), Gardening Committee (monthly on every third Wednesday)

Eastoft Parish Council (bi-monthly second Monday of the month together with an open drop in session of all village groups to promote what is available in Eastoft )

North Lincolnshire Council ( Safer Neighbourhood Drop In sessions)

Private function hire, namely for facilities to support events being held at St Bartholomew’s Church in Eastoft. E.C.W.A appreciates the involvement of Reverend Justine in promoting this option.

Fund Raising

This year has also seen E.C.W.A apply for and with local support been successful in becoming a

Co op Local Community Champion for Sep18-Nov 18. Our application has been to secure funds to improve the heating system at the hall so that as a venue it is warmer and therefore accessible to all members of the local community. The Co op has also agreed that interested staff can volunteer at our village hall to support in its redecoration.

In addition some local residents have approached Eastoft Parish Council to apply for the £250 Micro Grant to be used for external maintenance and interior redecoration of the hall and to improve the sound system at the hall.


There have been a number of developments to the hall over this past year: the sound system has been upgraded, soap dispensers, hand dryers and and external cigarette bin have been installed, electrical checks have been done and remedial work undertaken, resources in the attic and cupboards have been sorted and those that are obsolete have been discarded, and play resources have been loaned out to Swinefleet Tots and Toast Group which has ensured that they are being put to good use.


The In Eastoft Face book page which is administered by member of E.C.W.A. Has gone from strength to strength with currently over 300 members.

Treasurers Report.

Resignation of Officers/Election of Officers

Peter Martin, as indicated at previous meetings offered his resignation from the post of Chair and Trustee explaining that as he was no longer resident in the village he felt that it would benefit E.C.W.A to have a local resident in the post who was aware of events/resident’s opinions. Peter offered to continue in post until the November meeting to allow recruitment of another Chair. Peter indicated that he would like to remain in E.C.W.A and was prepared to act as Vice Chair for a year if that would help support the new Chair into post. Agreed Chair vacancy to be advertised.

Marion Martin, as indicated in previous meetings offered her resignation from the post of Treasurer, explaining that personal commitments did not allow her the time to fulfil both roles as Secretary and Treasurer as E.C.W.A needed. Fiona Woodhouse has experience of book keeping and although Fiona does not wish to join the E.C.W.A committee she would be prepared to do E.C.W.A accounts ex- officio. All E.C.W.A members present agreed to this arrangement. It was agreed that the handover of the role would start from mid October.

No other committee members offered resignation.

AOB None

Church Services – September 2018

The Marshland Benefice is a team of churches working together.

You are welcome to come to services in any of our churches.

Church and Chapel Contacts

 Priest in charge: Revd Justine Smith 01405 704626

Please contact Justine for baptism, wedding and funeral enquiries.

Website:                             Facebook: The Marshland Benefice

Adlingfleet: Dave Hanney 07932 868047

Eastoft: Trevor Barker 01724 710616; Ian Bishop 01724 798756

Swinefleet: Revd Justine Smith 01405 704626

Whitgift: Jill Rudd 01405 704325; Miriam Drayton 01405 704240

Methodist Church: Revd Peter Barnett 01405 896701


The Marshland Benefice

St Bartholomew EASTOFT
St Mary Magdalene WHITGIFT


Eastoft Community AGM

Eastoft Community Welfare Association (ECWA )
Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 5th September 2018

AGM at 7.30pm

Eastoft Village Hall,
Followed by a regular ECWA meeting starting at
All welcome.

Eastoft Community Welfare Association

is a registered charity (number 515486)

It’s purpose is to provide, maintain and improve the village hall and playground by raising money through various activities.

We are a small, but enthusiastic, group of volunteers. We welcome new members who are happy to join our informal group. We meet 6 times a year over coffee or wine, at various venues!

If you are interested in coming along to one of our meetings, we would welcome your ideas and input for planning.

If, however, you prefer a more practical approach then we would welcome any support or assistance for running repairs, fundraising, organising children’s events, grant applications or hall cleaning!

Swinefleet Peat Works

The following letter was sent to Swinefleet residents


13 August 2018

I am writing to you today to let you know that I am aware of the concerns in the Swinefleet community following the news that the 4R Group had submitted a pre-planning application to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) for the Swinefleet Peat Works.

I fully understand that residents are feeling anxious about this and I have been in regular contact with ERYC about this matter. I understand that up to now there has been no planning application submitted -previously the 4R Group had submitted a pre-planning application and the contents of this are confidential between 4R and the ERYC planning department.

If and when any planning application is submitted to ERYC, the application will be advertised and become visible on the ERYC Planning Portal.

It is at this stage when residents will be able to comment and object either online or in writing to the Council.

If you prefer to write, please address your letter (including the planning application number and your contact details) to:

Planning and Development Management Team
East Riding of Yorkshire
Council County Hall,
Cross Street,
Beverley HU17 9BA

Online the planning portal can be accessed via:

It may be of interest to be aware that a petition counts as 1 objection only and is not counted by the number of signatories collected. I will continue to monitor this situation closely and I share your concerns about the planning application for the Peat Works.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me or my office.
Yours sincerely,

Andrew Percy MP

Working Hard for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme
Constituency Office: 01405 767 969
Westminster Office: 020 7219 7208


The above letter was sent to Swinefleet residents.

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What is Swinefleet Peat Works

Where is Swinefleet Peat Works

Who are 4R-Group

4R Group brings together the expertise of two operating divisions to offer clients a unique approach to waste recycling and environmental consultancy.


Remedy This Situation

We are so close to the remedy of this situation but we still need the help of the village people to get to a point of where we can get moving on the installation of broadband in the village that does not have access to faster broadband (to say nothing of reliability which as you know is poor).

I have to report that once again the SSE grant of funds to help us reach our target has been denied. This, as you may remember, is decided by a panel of local parish councillors from the North Isle of Axholme.

We asked for a relatively small amount of money (less than £15,000 out of a £175,000 fund) to enable us to sign a contract. The reasons supplied, once again, don’t make sense. I will not share them online but anyone who is interested can contact me for more information.

Interactive Map

Click on the above map to take a closer look.
Do you want to help?

Don’t just think of it as really expensive (as already pointed out it will, in reality, cost you a around £200 in the FIRST 12-18 months only ( depending on your contract cost at present). And that will be spread over those same 12-18 months.

Think of more as adding value to your property and helping the village to have a decent broadband service in place of what it has now (for those who do not have access to superfast already).

Please carefully consider if you can help. If you know neighbours or friends that may be interested who are not on facebook or the Ineastoft site, then print the map off and this page and give it to them. If you know a local business that has not signed up or is unaware of what they can contribute let them and me know and I can talk them through the details.

It really is up to us if you want reliable fast broadband because if we don’t get there then you can sit back and hope that something will be done in the next 10-20 years for our wonderful little village.

Please could you give this some consideration and don’t hesitate to contact us on 07710502125 or if you want to discuss the above.