Old School Rules

Old School Rules

THE RULES for Eastoft School were as follows :

1. Children are admitted into the school from the age of three years and upwards.

2. Annual Subscribers will receive a ticket for every ten shillings they subscribe, which ticket will save the child to whom it is given, two pence a week.

3. Three pence a week must be brought for each child every Monday morning, and one shilling a quarter must also be paid for those who wish to learn writing.
A ticket from a Subscriber will reduce the payment to one penny a week, not including writing.

4.  No child must be absent from school without leave.

5. School Hours are—in the morning from 9 to 12 o’clock, and in the afternoon from 2 till 4 from Michaelmas to Lady Day, and from 2 till 5 from Lady Day to Michaelmas. There will be no school on Saturdays.

6. If a child be not sent to school by 9 o’clock, it must be taken back till the afternoon, and if not sent by 2 in the afternoon, it must be taken back for the rest of the day. This rule will not be enforced with regard to children who live more than a mile from the school.

7. Children must come to school with clean hands and faces, their hair properly cut and combed, and their clothes clean.

8. No child can attend the school who has any disorder that is infectious, nor whilst the small-pox, measles, hooping cough, ringworm, or any infectious disease prevails in the family.

9. All children belonging to this school above 6 years old must attend the Sunday School at half past nine o’clock in the morning, and also during the summer months at two o’clock in the afternoon.

The parents are particularly requested to pay strict attention to the above Rules, as so much depends upon regularity.

The Mistress of the School will not be able to attend to any complaints from the parents, but if they are mentioned to the clergyman, they will be immediately attended to.

September, 1845
Vicar.Frank Sugden