Eastoft Broadband Extension

Further to the meeting yesterday 27/11/2017 with North Lincs Council representatives we would like to bring you up to date on where we are at present.

The Meeting

The committee have indicated a preference for FTTP and also whether the remainder of the village could be upgraded also. Conformation of costing for both FTTC and FTTP have been requested from Openreach to provide either type; there will be a requirement for match funding. Match funding is basically a percentage of the overall costs we would need to provide.

One way would be to introduce a crowd funding option and the committee consider this to be an appropriate method to indicate our intentions to such companies as SSE etc.
We are aware of the extremely poor broadband service in the village and anyone wishing for further details or to provide support please contact me or the secretary.

Me: tony@advanced-comms.co.uk Phone 07710502125 Tony Woodhouse
Secretary: moore4less55@gmail.com Phone 07419836086 Geoff Moore

Techy bit explained

FTTC: uses a fibre optic system to the cabinet (the green thing on the High Street) and then uses the old copper cables to reach premises. This impacts on the service to provide a consistent speed and its problems regarding reliability.

FTTP: uses a fibre optic cable to deliver the service from exchange to the property. This negates all service issues when compared to the above FTTC. In other words everything will be new and no longer rely on any of the existing cabling. Bringing the village (and possibly the whole village) into the 21st century.

To meet the grant qualification, we will need to enter our expression of interest/bid before the end of the year. Therefore, any business’s in the area wishing to contribute please contact the above with some urgency. However, should you be aware of any funding streams please don’t hesitate to let us know.

We will attempt to keep you informed and updated with any relevant progress and information.

Tony Woodhouse