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Forward at Last

So it appears that we can move forward at last!!!! We have finally managed to get a small grant off SSE North Lincolnshire Sustainable Development Fund to get us within sight of the finishing post. We are of course grateful to them for helping in this way.

However it now depends on all those that have signed up to say that they will have the new broadband to respond to any inquiries made by Openreach (both businesses and residents) so that the vouchers can be claimed to fund the majority of the costs.

Now, you may have been considering joining in on this and think ‘Now I don’t need to’ but that is NOT the case. Please still consider signing up especially if you will have the ultra fast broadband when it is available as this will make sure we have enough voucher funds (we only just have enough at present). EVERY one helps.

We need to start the process soon so if you want to sign up then contact me as we will need to send in the voucher list very soon.

Many many thanks for all the businesses and residents who have signed up already we are very grateful to you and you can stand proud for doing your bit for the village (we understand very clearly that not everyone can do this and that some will not ever need it) but a few more will make us more secure in being able to get going without worry.

Please please please consider signing. If you need more info or just want to sign up (which you can do over the phone if you want) then message/email me and I will contact you or give me a ring on 07710502125.

Thanks for reading

Tony Woodhouse

Remedy This Situation

We are so close to the remedy of this situation but we still need the help of the village people to get to a point of where we can get moving on the installation of broadband in the village that does not have access to faster broadband (to say nothing of reliability which as you know is poor).

I have to report that once again the SSE grant of funds to help us reach our target has been denied. This, as you may remember, is decided by a panel of local parish councillors from the North Isle of Axholme.

We asked for a relatively small amount of money (less than £15,000 out of a £175,000 fund) to enable us to sign a contract. The reasons supplied, once again, don’t make sense. I will not share them online but anyone who is interested can contact me for more information.

Interactive Map

Click on the above map to take a closer look.
Do you want to help?

Don’t just think of it as really expensive (as already pointed out it will, in reality, cost you a around £200 in the FIRST 12-18 months only ( depending on your contract cost at present). And that will be spread over those same 12-18 months.

Think of more as adding value to your property and helping the village to have a decent broadband service in place of what it has now (for those who do not have access to superfast already).

Please carefully consider if you can help. If you know neighbours or friends that may be interested who are not on facebook or the Ineastoft site, then print the map off and this page and give it to them. If you know a local business that has not signed up or is unaware of what they can contribute let them and me know and I can talk them through the details.

It really is up to us if you want reliable fast broadband because if we don’t get there then you can sit back and hope that something will be done in the next 10-20 years for our wonderful little village.

Please could you give this some consideration and don’t hesitate to contact us on 07710502125 or if you want to discuss the above.

Eastoft Broadband Extension

Eastoft Broadband Extension Update as of 29/7/2018

We now have the final figure from Openreach

Unfortunately, due to making sure that everyone on the western side of the village can be served, the price has gone up (back to where we were in the first place when only 121 premises were to be served; now the number is 149 premises). Due to this we are a few thousand short of the final figure that would enable us to sign the contract. We are very grateful for all of you who have signed up for the voucher scheme but really need for some more to come forward.

I am aware that the cost of moving to fibre would seem excessive to some and this has put some of and understandingly there are some who really would not benefit due to low usage.

However, I would like to encourage those whose reticence is due to perceived cost to look at your total bill for your broadband service (some of you may even still be paying for an extra line unnecessarily) and then compare that to the expected cost of the first year for fibre service through the voucher system.

For instance (in round figures) the cost to me at present for the very slow unreliable system per month is £43 (including vat and line rental) and to get the full fibre service from BT at present prices (I have been quoted direct from BT online chat) would be £54.95 including vat and line rental. So;

Please could you give this some consideration and don’t hesitate to contact us on 07710502125 or if you want to discuss the above.

And please remember this is for the minimum contract only even which if 18 months is still just over £200 for the year and then you may well choose to downgrade your speed to a cheaper plane. Please also note that I cannot guarantee these prices as they are obtained at this date.

Register for fibre

Time to register your interest

Full fibre broadband connections offer the fastest and most reliable speeds available, and the government is committed to a vision of a full fibre Britain

What is a gigabit connection?

gigabit connection  is the customer friendly name fiber to the premises (FTTP) 

The UK now has 95% coverage for superfast broadband with speeds of 24 megabits per second or higher. However, most superfast connections still depend on copper telephone wires, which are limited in the speeds they can support. For the fastest and most reliable broadband, capable of delivering gigabit speeds, a full fibre connection is required.

One gigabit is the same as 1,000 megabits – so it’s a big leap forward in connection speeds that could benefit you and your business into the future. Full fibre also supports symmetrical connections – meaning your upload and download speeds can be the same.

We have been informed by Openreach that we can apply for these vouchers which enable the fund to receive up to £500 per premises for none business people if they will sign up to take the service and have a speed of more than 100mbps download (Actually 160mbps download).

For further information and to register your details if you wish to sign up please contact the committee via me
or speak to any committee member.

Good, very good news.

We have received a donation of £1000 towards the supply of FTTP to our part of the village via the CFP. This donation has come from a person who wishes to remain anonymous but has given permission to reveal that they live in the part of the village already served by FTTC. WE have thanked them profusely on behalf of the committee and the residents of Eastoft.

There may well be further news on this at a later date; keep on looking.

EBE Committee.


MEETING held at Eastoft Village hall 6th March

Many thanks to all those who turned out for an extremely interactive & encouraging meeting last night at the village hall.

Also a big thanks to Cllr Reed for attending & her responses to the many questions posed.

It was disappointing that no member of the Parish Council attended other than Sandra Taylor who is on the EBE committee. With such an important topic one might have thought there would have been an interest shown from one or two who sit on the Parish council, alas this was not to be the case. This will be brought to the attention of the Parish Council, as an agenda point on Monday 12th March meeting.

The meeting was held on behalf of the village to ascertain what the residents views were on the Superfast Broadband options, & what actions the committee could take forward on their behalf.

After many questions wereanswered, mostly around funding, those attending seemed very clear in their conclusions that they would prefer FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) rather than the FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) option, which would leave in excess of 18 residents without some or any improvement in their broadband speed & reliability.

The vote was quite unanimous, with 18 out of 20 attending voting for FTTP. We also know of other residents who have shown interest who could not come for personal reasons.

However, this then begs the question of how to raise the funds for such a project, with a figure in excess of £50,000 needing to be raised.

Cllr Reed expressed the avenues she had already explored, though to date without any positive outcomes. However it was suggested from the floor that we should be able to go back to SSE, & ask the panel who preside over the projects, to consider the bid again, & that we should be able to ask for £30k. Though previously we have been told, this would only be for FTTC. A suitable case is to be presented at the next round of meetings in late April. There is also an additional SSE fund for North Lincs of £170k per annum, which has not supported the Isle much over the past few years, so that is another possible source. There was talk about turning the Hall into an Internet Café, where there may be an option to apply to Awards for All. Also another couple of wind farms adjacent to the area can be contacted.

One of the funding options is to support Lincs Lotto, for every £1 spent, 50p would be donated to the cause. ( Of course there is also the chance of winning a nice monetary prize each week. As we have already registered for Lincslotto just go to their web site & search for Eastoft Broadband. Plus if any residents have any fund raising ideas please let us know, as the more active we are, the more favourable the project will be received.

Those attending last night completed a short questionnaire, asking about their current broadband experience & speed. This questionnaire will be placed online & anyone wishing to add their information will be appreciated. If you let us know your e mail address too we will add you to the directory for future communications.

COMMITTEE Vacancies – we have a committee of 4 persons currently, with one having to stand down owing to personal reasons. This gives us 2 posts vacant for anyone who wishes to offer their time & energy to the project. The committee meet generally on a monthly basis or as & when required. Also meeting with Cllrs & North Lincs from time to time, so it isn’t a great commitment of time, but it would be beneficial to have a full committee to share the tasks that lay ahead.

A final thank you again to all those who voiced their opinions last night, of which there were many, & so encouraging & positive were the outcomes.

EBE Committee

Broadband Meeting

Rescheduled due to Snow

7pm Tuesday March 6th 2018

Further to the meeting on 7th Feb 2018 with Cllr’s Briggs & Reed & Sean Brennan representing N Lincs Council.

Sam Scott the SSE Case Officer for N Lincs Council had accepted the invitation though was unable to attend.

The meeting held was to review the outcome of the bid where the request for FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) was rejected. These reasons have been posted on the Eastoft Community page, however if you have not seen them or do not have access they are as follows:-

  • The panel did not feel that the project met the objectives of the fund.
  • The request for FTTP would involve the area receiving speeds higher than the rest of North Axholme, which would set a precedent for other areas (even those who already receive superfast FTTC) to apply.
  • The panel does not feel that fibre installation, particularly FTTP, is an effective distribution of the funds in regards to befitting the North Axholme Community.

At the meeting EBE were informed that SSE would not fund FTTP, & were recommended to go down the FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) route.

It was suggested a further bid should be proposed at the April meeting. Though this request for FTTC is not guaranteed either as extra funding is likely to be required for whichever route we could have taken.

As EBE act on behalf of the village of Eastoft, the committee felt that it would be appropriate to invite all residents to attend a meeting at the village hall on

7pm Tuesday March 6th 2018

This would allow the residents to give their views on the current situation, & ensure EBE are acting on their preference of choice.

At the initial drop in session 59 residents attended, & it would be most helpful to see a similar number again. This would really ensure that EBE were acting on behalf of those interested in a faster & a more reliable Broadband service in the village.

It would be extremely helpful if you could confirm your attendance by contacting the EBE secretary by either method below.

Geoff Moore –
mob 07419 836086

The more present the more likely we will be able to ask someone from N Lincs council to attend.
Refreshments will be available on the evening, we hope you can make it & look forward to seeing you.


SSE Rejects outright our application for funds.

Eastoft Broadband Extension update

SSE Rejects outright our application for funds.

After much discussion the application was unanimously rejected by the panel.

The main reasons for the rejection were the panel felt the project did not represent good value for money for almost one third of our annual fund.

Furthermore the request for FTTP would involve the area receiving speeds higher than the rest of North Axholme, which would set a precedent for other areas   (even those who already receive superfast FTTC) applying.

The panel understands that the reason why the government funded NLBB scheme cannot assist is due to the presence of a superfast wireless provider.

Whilst fibre may be the preferred option in the area, the panel acknowledge that there is a superfast option and does not feel that fibre installation (to the premises in particular) would be an effective distribution of the funds in regards to benefitting the North Axholme Community.

Any questions

Any questions can be asked this Saturday at the village hall during the Village Liaison meeting (we will be there) or especially on this

Sunday morning 11-12( ish)

Q&A session where we will be able to give fuller answers.

Please make an effort to come if you can.

Remember we are doing this for the village.

Tony Woodhouse