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Update to Eastoft Superfast Broadband


Update to Eastoft Superfast Broadband.

Eastoft Broadband Extension (Community Funded)

We have just had the second meeting with North lincs Council re getting superfast broadband into the rest of the village (we being the committee formed to get things moving and accessing grants etc.)

The meeting was to formalise where we needed to go next with applying for grant funding to meet the cost of getting BT/Openreach to supply the infrastructure (there is no competition in the village unfortunately) and to ask a few questions mostly of a technical nature.
We are looking now to formalise the structure of the committee and take this on as fast as we can to realise our wish for decent broadband speeds for everyone in the village that wants them.
We will know more by the time of our next meeting and will seek to keep you all up to date as much as we can. Please encourage those who you know will not read this that we are working for everyone not just those on facebook.

Any questions please ask an we will try our best to answer but please be aware we are at a very early stage and may not yet have an answer. Either on here or through me will be fine.

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102 Properties to Benefit

Broadband Pathway Becomes Clearer

Tony Woodhouse  posted on Facebook

OK  further to this we met councilor Briggs last week. We being Sandra Taylor as a rep of the Parish council and I and had a reasonable time.

We learned that BT was proposing to site a cabinet in the grounds of the exchange for those who do not yet have broadband. They have ‘said’ that they estimate that 102 properties will get in excess of 50 mb downloads and the rest (about 10-15) will get in excess of 24 mb.
These latter will be the ones furthest from the exchange. I am not so sure that this is achievable but as councillor Briggs said ‘Lets get something in for a start’ and we agreed on that principal to go ahead.

This means that we need to constitute a small charity to apply for funding and be within the law. The council can’t help in this matter due to having spent all their allocation of broadband funds so we need a community funded operation.
We need to raise approx £44.500 and the council have agreed to help us with applying for grants etc. from the wind farms via SSE.
So initially I have taken the bull by the horns and asked a couple of people to form the small charity and then do the necessary to apply for funding.

These are Sandra (as above) Geoff Moore (who has experience as a school governor chairman) and Sam (my next door neighbour and myself as technical representative.

So the question is do we need more members or is that sufficient to form the membership? I am happy if someone else wants to take it on as I have no doubt are any of the others or if you are desperate to help.

It will be really simple. We form the charity, we vote to apply for funds from whoever, someone fills in the forms, we get the money and put it into the charity’s bank account and pay it to BT as required.

We also make a contract with BT which will include time limits and penalty clauses etc. to protect the charity from any issues with BT. Once the work is complete we disband the charity forthwith.

So anyone who wishes to be part of the committee could contact me in the first instance then that would be good.

A word of warning though; if it becomes too unwieldy it will only cause problems. Sandra has been asked to ask if any other member of the parish council has any desire to be on the committee.
We need to make a move by the middle of October really to form the small charity so I could do with any nominations at the latest by 1st October.

As above we can constitute with others as required.

Please contact me by email and if you want to mention this to anyone who does not have email or does not come on facebook please do so and you can email on their behalf making it clear who you are doing so for.

Hope this is clear but any questions please ask.

My email is

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Broadband Update

Broadband for the rest of the village and how it is progressing.

I have been invited to a meeting with the two North Lincs councillors and others on the 13th September in Scunthorpe to try and get the ball rolling properly with regard to funding.

I am not sure yet what Openreach are proposing but I expect to find out at the above date. I am happy to take any comments desires to the meeting if I get any chance to actually propose anything.

My personal opinion is that we should push for FTTdp/node that will then negate any problems that DO exist on the copper/aluminium cable that is in the ground and also for those who are a long way out.

Openreach could easily treat us as a pilot for the technology which has been around for quite a while now.

If there is any interest I can give you an overview of the technology in laymans terms so you can understand what you would get. The major change would be that you could get rid of your landline and port your number over VoIP and run that down the same fast fibre connection.

This would also avoid having to dig up gardens etc and the final leg of the service would be over the existing overhead which would not affect the actual speed of the service to any extent.

Some of the extra small cost of the fibre service would be recouped by not having to pay as much a £18.95 a quarter for your landline.

That’s just a quick overview.

Please contact me at

Please do comment as required.

JOOI I am the big guy who moved in about 2 years ago who is married to Fiona who walks the dog.

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Superfast Broadband Drop-In

Re: Superfast Broadband Drop-In

As you may be aware, I, alongside your two local Councillors, have been working on a project with BT which we hope will deliver superfast broadband to the rest of Eastoft.

The Government-funded roll-out of broadband upgraded the green BT cabinet that serves the village to superfast broadband, which has resulted in many now having access. Sadly, much of the village does not benefit from this upgrade as those premises are directly connected to the exchange and do not receive their connection via the green cabinet in the village.

We are now looking at an alternative scheme that could deliver superfast broadband to remaining homes. Sadly, due to EU rules covering the Government-funded roll-out, this funding cannot be used for this. That is why we are working together to establish a ‘community fibre partnership’ with BT to upgrade those premises.

To do this we need the support of local residents who are presently unable to access superfast broadband. We are not asking for any financial commitment, we just need as many of those residents as possible to register an interest.


If you live in one of the properties in Eastoft that still cannot access superfast broadband and would like to support this initiative, please pop along to the information session being held on Thursday May 11th in the Village Hall between 4.30pm and 7pm. You will be able to find out more and register your support.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Percy MP

Working Hard for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme
Constituency Office: 01405 767 969 Westminster Office: 020 7219 7208 Email: Website:

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