4R Using Lockdown Tactic

Absolutely brilliant letter from our MP to 4R

Dear Mr Whyatt,

I am frankly disgusted that you are seeking to use a virus that is likely to kill thousands to sneak this application in. This is at a time when you know the overwhelming majority of local people do not want your operation anywhere near them. People are rightly very stressed and anxious at this time and I am appalled that you wish to add to the stress local people are feeling at the moment by bringing back your plans to bring truck loads of shit through our villages. You must also know that people who oppose you are now going to be at a huge disadvantage by not being able to organise their opposition to this due to the new conditions on daily life. It is as if you are seeking to use this pandemic to your own personal advantage.

My message to you on behalf of local people is this. Go away, we do not want you in our area. You should have got that message loud and clear from local people. Go away and find somewhere else for your operation. The community do not want you here.

If you haven’t got that message by now I don’t know when you will.

You should not be pursuing this at this time and I share the outrage of local people that you have picked this time to try to progress this application. It must be one of the lowest actions I have ever experienced in 20 years in public life.

Andrew Percy