Proposal to increase traffic In Crowle and Eastoft


The following is from the Keep Me Rural facebook page.

As you will note from prior posts, our nemesis 4r; have appealed the Planning decline, see attached.

As also noted by such as Vin, there is nothing really new in here other than they appear to propose to move more trucks up through Crowle & Eastoft, thinking that will dampen opposition.

It won’t.

They also note that ERYC Planning committee hearing was chaotic & biased.

They still haven’t explained who will pay £3mn to fix up Readingate, as opposed to the paltry £5k they are offering;

They claim they are an experienced, respected operator (apart from when they got convicted in Carlisle!);

They claim they are/have worked with the local community and want to be good neighbours (bit untrue that);

They still think this harebrained Traffic Management Plan cooked up by ER will work;

Hopefully AP can have this called up again by Minister, thus taking decision out of local hands. We don’t think we get any inputs but are carefully studying.

Might be time before the next Planning hearing to organise a noisy, but legal demo in the three villages, get Look North out.

Don’t be disheartened, this lot are chancers and not that good

Barry Haslam